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Jannie Zhou

Currently Product Founder @Bitcart↗

Formerly @Guidewire Software↗, @PwC

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Strategic Product Designer, Analytic Problem Solver

I shipped product↗ with 1300 DAU and $750K transactions



B2B // Desktop // UX Personas

UX Research @Guidewire↗

Intranet Revamp

Reduced product development operation time by 380%.



B2C // Mobile // Accessbility Design

Product Design @AccesSOS↗

Contact 911

Expanded target user base by 450%, enhanced product accessibility. 



B2C // Consulting // Data Analytics

UX Research @Salesforce↗

Retail Banking

Consulting project. Over 100+ participants from worldwide.



B2C // Mobile // Social Impact

Product Design @NYU

Safe Rides

Over 50+ people used Beta. Won Social Impact Award. 

About Me

Dance through the world.

I am a semi-professional dancer who was trained in Chinese Minority Dance, Contemporary, Jazz, Hip-hop, and dance theater. My relationship with dance shaped the way I interact with and see the world

When I am dancing, I observe the discord and analyze the movement pattern; why it is in this sequence, and what it reflects and represents; the same applies to every aspect of my life -- I am always introspective about my relationship to technology, social phenomenon, and media.

Dance also taught me to share my compassion, whether it is through art creations or technical implementations. Humans should always be placed at the center of technological advancements. I strive to keep technology inclusive and accessible, rather than using it to perpetuate social hierarchies.

I am navigating through the world with the knowledge I acquired from dance. Hence "dance through the world". 

Check out my dance page↗

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Email: | Tel: +1 845 381 2026

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